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The Most Common Types of Limos for Weddings

Weddings are very important to most people, especially those wedding. This is always the time when the couples organize for the best items, best meals and best cars. Normally, working class people go for Limousines.  

If you are familiar with limousines, you will probably realize that there is not just one limousine car. There are various types of limos you can choose from when organizing for a party, transportation to college, convention et cetera. Not all vehicles can be used for any purpose. That is why people planning for a wedding ceremony will go out to hire the best limos. These most common types of limos below will probably suit you. 

  • Luxury sedan. 

They are small-sized and are more like traditional cars. Because of its size, it can only carry 2 to three people at a time. This type of limo resembles a Cadillac XTS, BMW 740Ld xDrive or Mercedes-Benz E-class. It is one of the cars you can drive yourself. There is probably no need to hire a driver to drive you to the wedding venue.  

  • Stretch limos. 

Stretch limousine, sometimes shortened as stretch limo is afterwards extended motorcar. The first limousine was built in 1929 in Arkansas. It was commonly referred to as the “Big Band Bus” since it was used to transport Big Band members and their instruments.

“Stretch limos are still our top seller for local weddings,” says John Fortner of Limo Service Fort Worth. “Brides still love the classic look of the stretch limousine and the ability that they have to stretch out while still having classical elegance.” (Limo Service Fort Worth can be contacted at Limo Service Fort Worth, 1530 Chambers Street, Fort Worth, TX 76102 or at 817-984-5382.) 

Despite the fact that it is commonly used in countries like United States of America as a states car, it is also used for parties and ceremonies like weddings. In Germany, the stretch limos are commonly used for parties. During its remodeling, additional doors are added to ease access of another seat in the car.  The doors are made from half the front and back door by welding both together.  

  • Stretch SUV limo. 

Stretch SUV limousine is the newest alternative to traditional limousines in the market today. It is quite large compared to a luxury sedan. Its noteworthy size and comfortable seats supports an experience of up to 16 passengers. It is elegantly equipped with multiple screens that provides comfort while driving to the wedding venue. 

  • Party bus. 

A party bus, also called limo bus or party ride is a big motorcar, derived from a conventional coach. It can carry up to 10 passengers during recreational activities. In South Australia, there are laws age limit for buses. Buses with more than 13 seats are only allowed to operate for 25 years. Smaller buses only take 15 years to operate in Southern Australia.  

  • 10 passenger Mercedes limo sprinters. 

10 passenger Mercedes limos are best for special occasions like weddings. It is equipped with amenities such as leather interior, water and plasma TV that will make you and your guests to enjoy the comfort of those amenities. Additionally, this limo is popular for group excursion and corporate events.  

Weddings are special occasions and no one would like to drive on a cheap car. Limousines are there for you. All you need is the money for hire and the decision to choose which one suits you.  

Fun Facts About Limousines!

Limousines have been imagined to be for people of class or for luxury. People see limousines and what come into their minds is important events, very big wedding ceremonies, senior proms among others. This is just a perception. You don’t need to own a limousine, you can hire for an hour, a day, a week, depending on your financial status. Stop hearing it in the grapevine, take a look on these facts about limousines below.  

The name “limousine” :

The name limousine originated from a region called Limousin in France. The region was commonly known for a cloaked hood, worn by shepherds to protect them from harsh weather conditions. The compartments of the limousine resembled a hood and that’s why it was named, a limousine. Till date, the name hasn’t changed but its abbreviation, “limo” has become very popular.  

The first luxury limousine:

The first limousine was built in 1902. The funny thing about the limousine was that it was designed for privacy. They were designed in such a way that the driver would sit in a separate open cab that was shielded by a roof. In the year 1916, Society of Automobile Engineers gave the definition of a limousine as, “a closed car seating three to five inside, with the driver’s seat outside.” Thanks to the remodeling, nowadays the driver’s section is only separated by a sound partition.  

A cool ride:

Some of the first vehicles to have air conditioners were the limousines. Luxury car companies in New York and Chicago did the first installation of air conditioning in 1933. Sadly, the initial air conditioners were wasteful and costly.  

An American dream:

In the year 1990, the world’s longest car or rather, the longest limousine was built in California. It has 26 wheels, a king-sized waterbed, a jacuzzi, a driving board and helicopter pad. Despite the fact that this car has two driver’s cabins, it is prohibited on the streets. It is only used to educate students on how to fabricate and build cars.  

The first limousine ever built was a bus:

Have you heard of stretch limousines? Well, the first stretch limousine was built in the year 1928. It was to serve one of the best musical groups of the time known as the “big band”. The limousine was built in Arkansas by an Armbruster company. The two big band musicians, Benny Goodman and Glenn Miller usually used the bus to attend concerts, and also transport their equipment to wherever they went.  

The popular music group was at their peak until 1944. During this time, they used the bus to carry out all their activities. When they ended their career, they left a perception that musicians who boarded the buses would become popular. That is how the subsequent musicians started using limousines for their transportation services.  

Limousines have an interesting history but unless you take your time to scour the internet for them, you’re not going to find it!  Did you also know that private airport transportation is often considered a limousine service?  Now you do!

The Limousine Directory

 Chauffeur Cars

If you are looking for a company providing chauffeur driven cars, then you need to look no further that ‘The Limousine Directory. You will find a comprehensive list of businesses that provide chauffeur cars listed in county order.

Limousine Hire

There are a number of limousine directories in the UK. This one is free to use and allows the user to find a company nearest their location and either visit their website, call them or send them an email. There is no need to complete an online form (unless you want to) in order to find a local limo company.

 Wedding Cars

The companies listed under ‘wedding cars’ in this directory include those that supply vintage, classic, modern and speciality or novelty vehicles, such as fire engines etc. In addition, many of the companies listed under wedding cars will also offer stretched limousines. Visit their website for more information on the type of wedding transport they offer. Many companies in this section only deal in wedding transport.

 Prestige Cars

This section is new and caters for visitors who are seeking a prestigious chauffeur driven car or a top marquee. these may include, for example, organisations that provide chauffeur driven cars such as the Maybach, Rolls Royce and Bentley (Arnage, Flying Spur etc) cars. Airport Transfers

 Airport Transfers

This section deals with companies that offer airport transfer services to business and private customers. It may include organisations that offer modern chauffeur cars, limousines or prestige vehicle.

If you are going to hire a chauffeur driven car or limousine, for private, business or leisure use, make sure you know exactly what you are getting. Even if a company appears to have a “very professional” website, this does not mean that they are going to be a professional company, conversely, businesses with a simple website, should not be assumed to be poor.

There are a few basics that you should follow, but this will very much depend on the type of vehicle you are going to hire, but most will apply in some form or other to each case. A website is often the shop window of companies offering chauffeur cars, limos or weddings cars and therefore, you should be able to expect at the very least, they display images of the actual vehicles they have on offer, they should have a proper street address on their website and a telephone number. In addition, you need to know what their actual business name is, because it is not unusual to see websites advertising a generic, rather than an actual business name, such as a person, partnership or limited company. these are the basics.

If you are hiring a car or limousine for a wedding, then it is probably a good idea to go and view the vehicle before you place your business. On the other hand, if you are hiring a chauffeur driven car for business or a transfer to an airport, you will probably not find it necessary to see the actual vehicle, but being able to see an image of the car can assist you to determine whether or not it is the right type of car.

Another case where you may want to see the vehicle is in the case of a stretched limousine. Obviously these can vary greatly in terms of age and condition. If you can’t see the actual limo, then at least ask for some high resolution images of the car, many websites will actually include a gallery with these images.

Remember also, if you are going to hire a car or limousine, for anything other than a wedding or funeral, then the company providing the service must be licensed, as should the vehicles offered for hire and the drivers. Most companies will include this information on their website, but if not, be certain to ask, no-one will be offended and after all, it is the law.

Top 3 UK Tourist Destinations

United Kingdom, sometimes known as United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, is found in Western Europe. It has a population of about 65.5 million residents. Being that it is the 78th largest state in the world. UK has tons of tourist destinations, perhaps that’s why she attracts a huge number of tourists. A survey by Great Britain Tourism Survey shows that the number of holidays spent in England had increased by 7% to 43.7 million with holiday expenditure also increasing by 7% in the year 2015. Below are the top 3 tourist destination you should try and visit during your holidays.  

  • Tower of London. 

The top spot is clinched by Tower of London. It is one of the historic castles located on the banks of River Thames. It has been in existence for 1000 years now. It was built to serve as a royal residence and prison, but there are some gripping stories within its walls. Visitors who visit the Tower of London today, are guided by Beefeaters to witness the centuries-ancient ceremony of the keys. The ceremony occurs on daily basis. Visitors also get a chance to know more about polar bears found there. The owner of the beautiful tower is Queen Elizabeth II in the right of the crown. In 2017, it registered a total of 2,843,041 visitors. 

  • Kew gardens.  

Kew gardens is one of the best botanical gardens in the world. This is because it houses variety of exotic and rare plants. It is located in Southwest London and was founded in 1840. It has more than 30,000 different kinds of plants. Kew gardens is managed by Royal Botanical Gardens, a botanical research and education center.  

There is an aquatic garden which is located near the Jodrell laboratory. It provides suitable conditions for marginal and aquatic plants to grow. Also, big midway pool has a selection of summer-flowering water lilies. At the corner of the pool, there are plants like bulrushes, phragmites, reed mace.  

The Arboretum contains over 14,000 different types of trees, which covers half of the Kew gardens. The Bonsai collection is found in a greenhouse located near Jodrell laboratory. Additionally, the carnivorous plants, are located in the Prince of Wales Conservatory. 

  • St Paul cathedral. 

It is located on Ludgate Hill which is the highest point of the city of London. St Paul cathedral is the mother church of London Diocese. The St Paul cathedral has hosted many important events in Britain’s history, including Sir Churchill Winston’s state funeral and the wedding between Prince Charles and Princess Diana. A visit to the St Paul cathedral will give you the opportunity to climb the 237 steps to reach the spectacular Dome. You will be able to witness the whispering gallery – whispers can be heard from 100 feet away. Additionally, you will view the London skyline while at the top.  

United Kingdom is great and with more number of tourist attractions in London, it is likely to record a higher number of tourists in the coming years. 

Best Holidays to Consider Hiring a Limo

Holidays are days when we take a break from our normal work –  our leisure time. In short, holidays are going on vacations. Vacation is what you take when you can no longer take what you have been doing, you need a rest. It is always fun to visit multiple locations on one trip, but I feel that you can enjoy these trips in some limo. Limos are luxury cars, designed for special occasions and holidays is one of them. Limos are quite expensive. We can’t use limos for ordinary trips. That’s why it is wise to consider the best holidays when you can hire limos. Below are the best holidays to consider hiring a limo.  

  • Your prom night. 

A prom night is an occasion where high school seniors and juniors dress in a formal attire to participate in activities such as dances. Hiring a limo in such an occasion could be the best idea. This is because, prom nights attract many teens. A limo would accommodate a good number of them at a time to their destination. After the prom night, the limos can transport them to the after-night parties. A party bus would be the most suitable limo for this case.  

  • A personal Spa day. 

Sometimes we just need to free ourselves from stresses of life. This can be done best by personal pampering to help us unwind all the stresses we may have accumulated during the day, week or month. This is the best time you need to treat yourself like a king. Hire a limousine, lounge at the back and let someone else drive you to and from your appointment. Since you are taking a personal Spa day with no one, the best limousine to hire is a luxury sedan. It will not cost much as it can only carry a maximum capacity of three. 

  • Momentous anniversaries. 

One year after your wedding ceremony, you may propose to take your spouse out. It could either be the first park where you first met, your best five-star hotel or a sporting activity. A limousine adds to the romance of your momentous anniversary. You can hire a limousine and a tell your driver to drive you to the place you are going to have your anniversary.  

Next time when you want to commemorate an anniversary, look for the best limousine company and make arrangements with them. You will feel the difference. A luxury sedan could still be a better option in this case.  

  • A holiday night. 

Some holidays are organized in the evenings. New year Eve and valentine’s day are good examples. During these. During new year eve, we are often invited to numerous bashes. Is it possible to walk on foot to all these bashes? You can hire a limousine together with your friends to take you around. Also, Valentine’s days are boring without a perfect transportation. A limousine is the perfect transportation for a Valentine’s day. Make arrangements today.