The Most Common Types of Limos for Weddings

Weddings are very important to most people, especially those wedding. This is always the time when the couples organize for the best items, best meals and best cars. Normally, working class people go for Limousines.  

If you are familiar with limousines, you will probably realize that there is not just one limousine car. There are various types of limos you can choose from when organizing for a party, transportation to college, convention et cetera. Not all vehicles can be used for any purpose. That is why people planning for a wedding ceremony will go out to hire the best limos. These most common types of limos below will probably suit you. 

  • Luxury sedan. 

They are small-sized and are more like traditional cars. Because of its size, it can only carry 2 to three people at a time. This type of limo resembles a Cadillac XTS, BMW 740Ld xDrive or Mercedes-Benz E-class. It is one of the cars you can drive yourself. There is probably no need to hire a driver to drive you to the wedding venue.  

  • Stretch limos. 

Stretch limousine, sometimes shortened as stretch limo is afterwards extended motorcar. The first limousine was built in 1929 in Arkansas. It was commonly referred to as the “Big Band Bus” since it was used to transport Big Band members and their instruments.

“Stretch limos are still our top seller for local weddings,” says John Fortner of Limo Service Fort Worth. “Brides still love the classic look of the stretch limousine and the ability that they have to stretch out while still having classical elegance.” (Limo Service Fort Worth can be contacted at Limo Service Fort Worth, 1530 Chambers Street, Fort Worth, TX 76102 or at 817-984-5382.) 

Despite the fact that it is commonly used in countries like United States of America as a states car, it is also used for parties and ceremonies like weddings. In Germany, the stretch limos are commonly used for parties. During its remodeling, additional doors are added to ease access of another seat in the car.  The doors are made from half the front and back door by welding both together.  

  • Stretch SUV limo. 

Stretch SUV limousine is the newest alternative to traditional limousines in the market today. It is quite large compared to a luxury sedan. Its noteworthy size and comfortable seats supports an experience of up to 16 passengers. It is elegantly equipped with multiple screens that provides comfort while driving to the wedding venue. 

  • Party bus. 

A party bus, also called limo bus or party ride is a big motorcar, derived from a conventional coach. It can carry up to 10 passengers during recreational activities. In South Australia, there are laws age limit for buses. Buses with more than 13 seats are only allowed to operate for 25 years. Smaller buses only take 15 years to operate in Southern Australia.  

  • 10 passenger Mercedes limo sprinters. 

10 passenger Mercedes limos are best for special occasions like weddings. It is equipped with amenities such as leather interior, water and plasma TV that will make you and your guests to enjoy the comfort of those amenities. Additionally, this limo is popular for group excursion and corporate events.  

Weddings are special occasions and no one would like to drive on a cheap car. Limousines are there for you. All you need is the money for hire and the decision to choose which one suits you.